Heritage Leiden and Surroundings is the place for people passionate about the past. The organization manages the historical archives and archaeological depot of Leiden and provides advice on dealing with cultural heritage values in the spatial environment.

The organization is housed in a cluster of buildings, including a national and a municipal monument. In terms of sustainability, functionality, and appearance, the buildings no longer meet current standards. Studio Groen+Schild and VDNDP won the selection for the revitalization of the properties.

Sustainable preservation of monuments is one of the themes that ELO is working on. The organization's own properties are an important place to demonstrate how this can be done properly without compromising the buildings' monumental value. The facades and roofs are insulated, and secondary windows are installed behind the existing ones. Careful attention to detail ensures a balanced appearance.

Upon entering, the current situation does not convey the organization's mission. The heritage is not visible. Therefore, the most significant architectural intervention is in the entrance area. The space is opened up to create long sightlines and a museum-like route. A long wall of cabinets, known as "the ribbon," becomes the exhibition space within the building. Heritage can be showcased here through rotating exhibitions. At the end of the ribbon is the treasure room. Part of the monumental depot tower is made accessible to the public, displaying the treasures of Heritage Leiden and Surroundings.

Designteam: Studio Groen+Schild, VDNDP, Linssen

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Thijs Bongers, Elkie Goos