TenneT, a utility company for electricity transmission has evolved from a company with a technical identity to a people-oriented organisation. The interior of its head office in Arnhem suits its new identity. Pure and honest materials ensure a timeless base. Meeting places have been given their own look & feel based on three themes: humankind, nature and technology. This is expressed in colours, materials and signing. The interior is extremely sustainable, even circular: the complete interior package can be dismantled. No glue, silicone kits or other toxic substances were used. The end result is a sustainable and healthy interior.

Winner of the ‘2014 Design is award’

Fotografie: Björn Kiezenberg

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Tine Groen, Wilfred van Westerhuis, Ester Schreibelt, Thijs Bongers, Ariënne Matser, Sanne Langenhof