The 88 metre high Erasmus building is the tallest building of Nijmegen and is part of the Radboud University. Studio Groen+Schild was commissioned to design the work environment for the teachers' academy on the 20th floor. The closed and dark office has been transformed into a bright and open space. Surroundings that challenge you to collaborate, share knowledge and research. A distinctive feature is the 35 metre long piece of furniture on the façade-side that has been specifically designed for this area. Cabinets, worktops and couches are interspersed and facilitate discussion, working and studying with the city of Nijmegen as a backdrop. Secondary school teachers can use the teachers' academy to follow tailor-made courses, workshops and training. The staff do not have an own workstation but share the various work places. A conference room with a lounge area for informal discussions and study has also been realised on the 20th floor. This space can be used by all staff of and visitors to the university.

Photography: Christiaan de Bruijne

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Tine Groen, Rosanne Bommartini