Vreugdenhil wants to be the number one sustainable powered-milk enterprise. The head office that was designed by Maas architecten in Nijkerk complements this ambition. It has been awarded the highest achievable BREEAM certificate: Outstanding. The interior has been designed with the same sustainable ambition. The design is timeless and natural, the applied materials have to a large extent a C2C label. A striking feature of the design is the space and the light on the one hand and the tranquil working environment on the other hand. The acoustic materials ensure there is adequate sound absorption. We made sure to incorporate the quality of the architecture in our interior design. By consistently applying a limited number of materials in all areas, we have created a single unit and the spaciousness of the building has been enhanced. The interior gets its personal look & feel by the chosen furniture and the visuals that showcase the core values of the company. The tree in the atrium, the view across the fields and airy atrium provide a pleasant ambience in the building.

Fotografie: Christiaan de Bruijne

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Tine Groen, Wilfred van Westerhuis, Rosanne Bommartini, Sanne Langenhof