De Waag in Deventer is open again with the exhibition "Personal stories about the Deventer Collection". The Deventer heritage collection is central to this surprising exhibition. The rich history of Deventer as a city of trade, craft and innovation is brought to life in an authentic way through the personal stories of nine people from Deventer. Studio Groen + Schild developed the concept and design together with Studio Koster van Lienen. In addition to the collection, space plays a leading role in the exhibition. The exhibition walls and display cases have been erected and have surprising views. This creates an exciting backdrop for both the historical space and the heritage collection. The colors of the stained glass windows have been the starting point for the color palette of the twelve colors that have been used. The light colors on the outside and the more saturated colors on the inside. The cans and bicycles are placed autonomously and form their own space of structure, shape and color.

Photography: Mike Bink

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Tine Groen, Thijs Bongers, Studio Koster van Lienen