Deventer has a historic city center full of charming streets and squares. For years, bicycles blocked the narrow streets and the streets became more and more messy. The municipality thought it was time for change. No everyday bike racks and clamps, but customization. Studio Groen + Schild was commissioned by the municipality to make a so-called design envelope. In this the design principles for bicycle parking facilities have been established. The basic idea is that the bicycle parking spaces are decorated with corten steel, which has a nice rust color. Strips on the ground indicate the bicycle compartments recognizably and provide a clear parking direction. Depending on the location in the city center and the number of bicycles to be parked, the compartments are provided with rust-colored staple, racks and clamps. A special addition is the text 'Deventer' and in the lines on the ground are lines of poetry included of Johanneke ter Stege, formerly Deventer city poet.

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Thijs Bongers