Exonet claims to be the silent force behind thousands of business-critical websites and applications. They really enjoy what they do, and you notice that when you get to know them. In 2019 they moved into a new building that they renamed The Exonet HQ. A sustainable building equipped with all the technologies, but not yet with an atmosphere in which they felt at home.

They asked Studio Groen+Schild the question; Would you like to transform our interior into a place where we feel at home? A place that reflects our identity and where we can meet each other even better as a team, where we can play games and collaborate. We distilled the right ingredients for the design through a workshop. Those ingredients are; Making better use of the available space and making adjustments that are multifunctional and flexible. In addition, improving the atmosphere with, for example, acoustic materials that can also be used for expressions of identity. And of course reuse where possible.

The interior has undergone a metamorphosis. With a few smart spatial interventions and adjusting colors and materials, a new look and feel has been created. We kept the Exonet red. The addition of earthy tones make this bright color part of a beautiful warm range. Exonet employees are enthusiastic about the end result. They fully recognize themselves in the look and feel with a wink here and there. You enter their new gaming stage, the frikandellen wall has been given a place in the restaurant, the atrium is now a park and you encounter the mobile bar, barrie, where you left it last time. They like what they do, and you notice that when you enter.

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Rosanne Bommartini, Dyneke Kuiken