In the middle of the city centre of Deventer lies a hidden and closed courtyard. Around 1980, entrepreneur Elio Talamini already had the idea to make this green garden accessible. Around 1999, Wonen Boven Winkels Deventer (WBWD) embraced the idea and searched for partners to take this idea a step further. They approached us as architects to make an urban study for the development in the future. Together we set up a foundation with the aim of making the green oasis open to the public. With property owners, residents and other stakeholders we developed plans for the Stadshof. In 2020 we were commissioned by the municipality of Deventer to design a gate. The design is based on the historical use of the courtyard. There used to be a city garden where grains and vegetables were grown. The pattern of the fence is inspired by corn. The gate is the first step in a special development; a mix of apartments, a garden, greenery, experience area, catering and shopping concepts. Living, working and recreating in a green courtyard, in the heart of Deventer.

Photography: Mike Bink

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Arnold de Bruin, Wilfred van Westerhuis