Witteveen+Bos offers its clients value-added consultancy for water, infrastructure, environment and construction projects. The energy performance of the head office in Deventer was no longer in line with the organization's ambition in the field of sustainability and has been thoroughly renovated. The energy efficiency of the building from 1975 has therefore improved considerably, from label E to A +++. Making the office more sustainable was realized with the after-insulation of the facades and 326 solar panels on the roof. An innovative heat pump has been used and the building is now gas-free, whereas more than 55,000 m3 of gas was consumed per year. With the new concept for the workspaces, the number of workplaces has increased from 240 to 350, resulting in a significant reduction in the average energy consumption per employee. In addition to the improvement on sustainability, connecting the two building components was an explicit wish. A nice spatial puzzle. The existing concrete staircase has been demolished and replaced by a transparent building part in steel and glass with new steel stairs. Steel wires are stretched on the outer facade. In the summer months green sun protection of yellow hop provide cooling for the indoor climate. The identity of the engineering firm has been designed by keeping the new constructions and installations in sight. On the ground floor the existing closed system ceiling has been removed and all technology is in sight through the new wooden slat ceiling with an open structure.

Photography: Viorica Cernica, Houdbaar and Mike Bink

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Loran Kampen, Thijs Bongers, Wilfred van Westerhuis