Hotel In het huis van Deventer is located in a monumental building from 1495 on the historic square Grote Kerkhof. In the past this was the Latin School, where in the 15th century the scholar and humanist Erasmus studied. Whoever stays the night in this hotel lives on the historic square with a view of the Lebuinus church. The different views in the old inner gardens and views of the IJssel inspired the design team to give each room its own atmosphere and character. Together with the hotelowners Rob en Andrea and the artists Dedden & Keizer, Studio Groen + Schild has developed a concept for the hotel. Each room has its own theme: the Gridnik, for example, with an enormous wavy bookcase refers to the history of Deventer as a book city and the Cabin in the woods has a special bathroom and a modern box bed. In addition to the seven hotel rooms, there are also two large kitchens. It is possible to rent a floor of the hotel with a group. The diversity and surprises in the design fit the ambition of the owners: to make their guests acquainted with Deventer in an unforgettable way.

Photography: Mike Bink

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild