At the Amsterdam Science Park, LAB42 houses the Faculty of Information Sciences and Innovation Centre for Artificial Intelligence of the University of Amsterdam. It is the new home for students and experts in a fast growing industry. The building, designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects, is completely energy-neutral, circular and designed for disassembly. The same goes for the interior. The materials are as much as possible cradle to cradle and the interior is made to be demountable in the future. Materials of the interior, the fixed and loose furnishings, are separable and reusable. A light atrium is situated diagonally throughout the building. Several voids and a bridge connect working landscapes for teachers and students. From bottom to top, the building becomes more quiet. Dynamic spaces are mainly found on the ground floor where a café, a shop and study workplaces can be found. At the top of the building the workspaces for concentration are situated. On the first and second floor you can find teaching spaces and lecture halls. The other floors are equipped with meeting rooms, consultation spaces, meeting places and AI labs. The interior design distinguishes itself by use of special colour schemes. Four colour palettes named Energy, Creative, Growth and Intelligence, make the areas in the building attractive and recognisable. In this design we used a lot of green. Not in small plants, but in a large green wall and really big round boxes with trees. Good for the acoustics and good for health. LAB42 has become a real laboratory, a research institute and a workplace in one: a place that challenges students and lets ideas flourish.

Photography: Mike Bink, Jannes Linders and Rosanne Bommartini

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Loran Kampen, Rosanne Bommartini, Kim Mazeland, Thijs Bongers