Moneybird is a young and rapidly evolving software firm from Enschede in the Netherlands. They had outgrown their old and trusted location and set about relocating to their new office. Studio Groen+Schild was commissioned to design a new work environment: utilising current and new elements. The general entrance to the office is instantly recognisable as the entrance of Moneybird - we have installed a large aviary in the lift hall in which you can work. Walking through the wings of the office you first encounter airy and dynamic spaces which include spaces for so-called Meet-ups. The space is also home to the lunch area, conference rooms and landing spots. Areas where concentration is required are located further back in the wings: the library, the concentration zones and the team-workstations. The steel cabinets ensure the various areas are interconnected. The jeans-coloured carpet and the dark frames and doors exude a cool appearance that fits the organisation like glove.

Photography: Laurens Kuipers

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Rosanne Bommartini