Nysingh Advocaten & Notarissen operates from several offices in the Netherlands. For their new location in Zwolle they chose floors 18 and 19 of the Zwolle Trade Center. A location with a beautiful view over the IJssel and its floodplains. Nysingh's type of work demands privacy and concentration. In order to facilitate this properly, the office has a client and a non-client part. Meeting and coming together takes place in the client part, in the non-client part you can work in a concentrated way. The eat-work café, where meeting and sharing knowledge are central, is located on the 19th floor. The eat-work café is connected to the meeting area on the 18th floor by a new steel staircase. The stairs stimulate communication and movement.

'Coming home for business' is the overarching theme for all Nysingh offices. This means a working environment with a professional appearance, but warm and open. In the design we have translated this into the use of wood for floors and walls and the realization of many glass walls. The cores with stairs and lifts are covered with bamboo slats. These slats are fitted up to the height of the window frames, a kind of panelling. This contour line can be found throughout the design. In the inner walls, the height of the fronts and in the color areas that have been applied in the office and meeting rooms.

A lot of bamboo has been used in the design, a choice made from a sustainability point of view. This material is durable for several reasons. Bamboo can be harvested every five years, compared to sixty to 120 years for tropical hardwood. This rapid growth therefore does not lead to deforestation. Bamboo generates up to 35% more oxygen than an equal volume of trees and bamboo is recyclable. These are all aspects that made the choice for this material.

Photography: Mike Bink

Projectteam Studio Groen+Schild:
Ellen Schild, Dyneke Kuiken, Rosanne Bommartini